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đăng 01:37 27 thg 8, 2008 bởi Minh Bui Skydoor   [ cập nhật 01:39 27 thg 8, 2008 bởi Ngon Pham ]

15 May 2008 SkyDoor prouds to successfully set up SkyDoor Friends programs. Currently we have 50+ SkyDoor Friends in the list and finally closed the entrance. SkyDoor Friends will be the most important key persons to help Ceenoo develop a simple and easy to use site.

10 May 2008 SkyDoor Web has been updated to 1.1 version with a new interactive browsing way and a more friendly user interface.

04 May 2008 SkyDoor now "owns" 02 high-profile strategy consultants coming from different fields: public relations and government's Internet security. Their expertise are also gold keys needed to shape a powerful dotcom enterprise.

17 April 2008 SkyDoor has imlemented some functions for 1.0 beta version. Users now can manage places (add, edit, delete) as well as upload photos and update place's info. With the support of GWT Technology, SkyDoor Web promises to provide end-users a highly new, cool and personalized Web 2.0 application. Please wait to see our beta release on a beautiful day in near future.

10 April 2008 one Internet survey is completely conducted by 100 participants. This survey is about social networking and internet behaviour. It will be a useful source for SkyDoor to understand insights of target users.

01 March 2008 SkyDoor Team officially opens SkyDoor office and starts a new adventure: start-up.