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skydoor.net - we're creating our own travel site, so I am flagging the competition here. But hey, the guy's have done a great job. It's all based around Gmaps, with plenty of resources for the reader. Good work guy's!

Simon  Christy - an online entrepreneur, former Times Online/The Sun Marketing Director

Asia Pulse - Holidaymakers in Vietnam will find it easier to choose where to go with useful help from the website www.skydoor.net which was officially launched on July 24.
Visitors to the website will be able to view three-dimensional (3D) models and satellite photos of well-known landscapes in Vietnam and all parts of the world. Images and information about 1,000 beauty spots in the country, including Ha Long Bay, Son Tra peninsula and Nha Trang resorts as well as thousands of others worldwide such as Opera Sydney, Eiffel, Angkor Wat and Palacio de Real are now available at www.skydoor.net.

Yahoo News

“Skydoor.net is deserved for the first prize because the designers used good techniques and they invested great effort in this product. They have huge data and attractive technical process. If it is invested in further, this product can be applied immediately for the tourism industry.”

Ouverture d'un site web sur le tourisme et les loisirs
www.skydoor.net est un nouveau site web d'informations sur le tourisme et les loisirs au Vietnam et dans le monde, officiellement rendu public le 24 juillet. Son originalité est de proposer des modèles en 3 dimensions et des photos satellitaires de sites renommés du Vietnam et du monde entier. Skydoor est le premier site au Vietnam dans lequel les agences de voyage peuvent donner gratuitement des informations sur leurs services

"In Ho Chi Minh City, our attendees were extremely engaged and for a while "devfest" became the #3 trending topic globally on Twitter. Just after the Maps API presentation, we got to see a great lightning talk from SkyDoor, a Vietnamese travel site that leverages Google Maps, YouTube, GWT, and Earth. The outfit is already working on an OpenSocial version of their application."
Google Asia's official blog

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